Join The Auto One Team

Why it makes sense.

Why Auto OneContinuing to grow together has helped us survive in a very competitive market. Detroit and its metro area represents one of the country’s most penetrated automotive markets because of our rich history within the industry. After the big chains moved in, we saw so many unprotected shops close their doors for good. We managed to survive and even thrive as we picked up more and more internet based leads. We have been a strong lobbyist both in Michigan and nationally for the independent glass shops. In fact, one of the principals of Auto One, Dave Zoldowski, is one of the past presidents of the Independent Glass Association, and has authored several articles that have been widely published within the auto glass industry.

Auto One empowers you with knowledge so that you can earn a nice profit and not end up working for free or for a minimal salary. We have grown slowly and cautiously over the years and this has given us time to implement a franchisee program that works for almost everyone. Staying flexible regarding per-store needs has allowed all of our franchisees to stay on-board and adapt their businesses to local surroundings. Whenever you need us, you can talk directly with the companies principals.