Window Tinting Laws

Before you get your vehicle’s windows tinted, make sure you understand the law. At Auto One, we know how to keep you and your vehicle safe and legal.

Michigan Window Tinting Law

  • The total solar reflectance must be less than 35%, for all windows.
  • The front window and front side windows may have tinting 4” down from the top of the window; or, not lower than the shade band.
  • Rear side windows can be fully tinted (with less than 35% reflectance).
  • Rear window can be fully tinted (with less than 35% reflectance); however, you must have functioning outside mirrors on both sides.
  • Exception: If you have a letter from your physician or optometrist, you may drive a vehicle with a special window treatment that has been medically determined necessary. However, the special window treatment or application cannot interfere with or obstruct your vision. Only the owner of the letter may legally drive this specially-treated vehicle. The letter must be in the vehicle.

Complete Window Tinting Laws

Now that you know the window tinting laws, make your window tinting appointment at Auto One today.