Car Window Tinting Film

Ask three car window tinters which film is the best, and you'll get three different answers. Every window tinter has a favorite brand film. All of the car tinting films used by Auto One Glass & Accessories are high quality films offering several visible light transmission (VLT) level percentages or tint shades.

Types of Window Tinting Film

At some Auto One stores you'll find three types of car window tinting films: Dyed, Carbon and Ceramic.

Dyed Car Window Tint

You'll hear a few different names for the dyed car tint film used at Auto One Glass & Accessories. Some tint installers just call it 'car tint film', others will say 'dyed car window film', while online we refer to it as 'standard'. Our standard dyed window tint films come in a variety of shades and provide

  • Some heat reduction by absorbing heat energy before it can enter your car
  • Increased optical quality
  • Strong glare control
  • Can come in a variety of colors

Carbon Car Window Tint

Many Auto One stores only offer carbon car window film. They find that it offers you the best heat reflection and durability for the cost. The benefits of carbon car window film are

  • Better heat reduction by blocking approximately 40% of the heat energy from your car
  • Offers only shades of black which look fantastic on all vehicles
  • Prevents fading to upholstery
  • Black shade will not fade over a longer period of time

Ceramic Car Window Tint

Some Auto One locations are now offering ceramic car window tinting film. This new film is more expensive than the other options, but offers the highest level of heat reduction.

  • Highest level of heat reduction
  • Maximum visibility both day and night
  • Best at blocking ultraviolet light

Window Tinting Brands

At Auto One, we regularly introduce new window tinting films to our installers. Our experienced window tint installers test the films and advise customers on the best options. We've found car window tinting films from these manufacturers provide the best quality for our customers.

Auto One stores carry car window tinting film from the manufacturer of their choice and may not have film from all of these manufacturers. The car tint films from each of these manufacturers are of equal quality and durability.

Solar GardSolar Gard

All Solar Gard films come in a wide variety of colors and tints to compliment any car or truck exterior. Solar Gard films are designed to reject solar energy making your car cooler.

Johnson Window Films: MarathonJohnson's Window Films Marathon

Johnson Window Films' Marathon car window tint's black shade closely matches factory tinted glass. Marathon's construction quality is about as good as it gets delivering high heat rejection with a tough and durable dyed film. Johnson Window Films are the preferred choice for Auto One of Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Scorpion Window FilmScorpion

Scorpion auto window films are known for their high-tech deflection of sunlight and blocking 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, providing excellent protection for your upholstery.

Sun-gard Car Window FilmSun-gard by Madico

Madico's Sun-gard car window tinting films provide privacy, security and the blocking of both ultraviolet and heat energy from your car. Sun-gard is the preferred tint film of Auto One - Madison Heights.