Tinting Price Versus Value

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

When you select a company to tint your vehicle's windows, you will have a wide variety of materials, shades, warranties, guarantees, methods, experience and prices to chose from. Here's what you'll want to look for.

  1. A company that uses a high grade of automotive film, preferably one that's scratch resistant. You'll get superior strength, excellent UV protection along with excellent performance and good looks.
  2. A company that utilizes the skills of a seasoned tinter, one that has plenty of experience tinting vehicles just like yours, so you'll get the excellent job you want and deserve.
  3. A company that warranties its film against peeling, fading, de-laminating, bubbles or changing color, and in writing.
  4. A company that has a wide selection of shades and colors available for you to choose from, so you'll get exactly the look you want, instead of what they want to sell you.

Not surprisingly, having your vehicle tinted professionally might cost more than doing it yourself. Unless you need to redo the installation three or four times to make it look professional.

If you just want "the windows darkened" without much concern for anything else, doing it yourself or making your decision based on the cheapest price might be appropriate.

On the other hand, if you want your vehicle tinted by a professional, using window tinting film that will truly enhance the look of your vehicle, keeping it cooler in the summer, keeping the interior from fading, providing you with added security and professionally installed with a trouble-free, risk-free warranty, then stop by or call Auto One.