Trailer Hitch and Towing Accessories

We have the trailer hitch accessories and hitch equipment you need from ball mounts to trailer hitch wiring. With many locations across Michigan and America, our expert installers will make the installation easy.

As you are planning your trailer hitch purchase, keep in mind the extra trailer hitch accessories that will increase the value and usefulness of your trailer hitch.

Ball Mounts

Ball Mounts are inserted into the trailer hitch for towing.

  • This trailer hitch accessory comes in different styles and lengths
  • Weight rating of the ball mount should be equal to the hitch

Trailer Jacks

Trailer Jacks are engineered to hold up under rigorous working conditions

  • Dependable vertical and side load capacity
  • Proven reliability for long term use at rated loads
  • Precision fitted parts for extra stability

Backup Cameras

Backup Camera Trailer Hitch AccessoriesStop taking three tries to get your trailer hooked up. With a back-up camera, you'll get it right the first time

  • Variety of accessory options available
  • Keyhole surface mount to standard swivel overhead
  • Also called hitch cams

Hitch Balls

The item that is fastened to the ball mount, which the trailer connects too.

  • Hitch Balls come in different sizes and styles
  • Weight rating should always be equal to the hitch

Pin and Clips

A pin and clip is used to secure the ball mount to the hitch.

  • This trailer hitch accessory comes in two sizes.

Hitch Covers

hitch cover by Curt MfgAdd some character to your vehicle with a hitch cover. Many options available

  • National and Collegiate Sports Teams
  • Hunting and fishing covers
  • and many more

Electric Brake Controller

Brake controls are designed to apply the trailer's brakes.

  • Three types of brake controls: timed, inertia, and proportional.
  • Alternative braking system is a breakaway kit

Trailer Hitch Wire Converters

Converters convert a 3 wire system vehicle to a standard 2 wire trailer system.

  • Most trailers use only a two wire system
  • Converters draw all the power for the trailer from the vehicle

Hitch Wiring

Brings electricity from the vehicle to your trailer.

  • Brings power to turn signals and brake lights
  • Lights are required by law
  • Let our electrical experts install your hitch wiring for you.

We also carry trailer hitch accessories like bike racks and cargo carriers.