Fifth Wheel Hitches

Fifth wheel hitches are designed for carrying much heavier loads than the standard trailer hitch can handle. Mounted in a pick-up truck bed, fifth wheel hitches are typically used for pulling campers, RVs, and larger trailers. They offer simplicity, greater maneuverability and stability when pulling larger loads. You may also need trailer hitch accessories for your new fifth wheel hitch.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Details

  • Added to the bed of the pickup truck
  • Shape similar to a horseshoe. The metal rails that run beneath the hitch attach to the frame of the pickup
  • The trailer connects to the fifth wheel hitch via a downward-facing king pin
  • The king pin locks into position so it is secure within the fifth wheel hitch but can pivot to accommodate turns
  • fifth wheel hitch by ReeceHitch Warranty: Limited 3 Year
  • Weight Carrying: 4000 lbs.(TW/GTW)
  • Weight Distributing: 16,000 lbs.(TW/GTW)
  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Weight: 106 lbs.

Wondering if a fifth wheel hitch is right for you? Let our trailer hitch experts assist you with an estimate or call .