Removing Overspray, Tar, Bugs and Tree Sap from your Car

If your car's exterior was sprayed with tar, bugs or tree sap, we can save the original painted surface without costly repainting! Our professional auto detailers know how to remove tar and overspray from your truck's exterior. We have the tools and equipment needed to remove the baked on tree sap and bug stains.

How to Remove Tar from Vehicle

At Auto One Glass & Accessories, we can eliminate the need for costly repainting by remove overspray, brake dust, and tar from vehicle's painted surface. Brake dust is a constant problem for owners of light colored cars and trucks. Bring your car to Auto One, and we'll get the brake dust off for you.

Auto One Glass & Accessories can save you thousands of dollars in paint damage claims with our guaranteed overspray removal service. Our chemical process can completely remove most foreign materials from the painted surface and return it to its original appearance.

  • Auto One has professional claims processing with written estimates and detailed billing.
  • We are experts in working with base coat/clear coat paint systems.
  • We have a no wax finish made specially for these thin coat finishes.

Getting Bug Stains off Vehicle

Getting bugs off your car often requires more than soap and muscles. With strong summer heat and time, the bugs can dry into your car's paint making the insects difficult or impossible to remove without damaging the exterior paint. Fixing scraped off paint is expensive. Bring your truck to Auto One. Our proven auto detailing methods will have your bug covered truck, looking spotless in no time.

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Tree Sap on Car

When you live in Michigan, tree sap dripping onto your new car is inevitable. If left unattended, the sticky sap could lead to discoloring and staining.

You could try home remedies and YouTube video instructions to remove the tree sap, but it's often resistant to soaps requiring stronger chemicals. Before you damage your car's clear coat paint system by trying to clean or scrape the sap off yourself, bring your car, truck or SUV to Auto One. ?Repainting a scraped off paint spot is costly. Our professional detailers have the tools and knowledge needed to safely remove tree sap off your car without paint damage.