Professional Boat Cleaning

Boat, Yacht and other Water Craft Detailing

As a Michigan-based company, we understand the importance of boats in the summer. Like you, when we aren't on the boat, we're dreaming about being on the water.

Auto One has been detailing boats for many years. We use proven products and techniques to bring the shine back to your favorite fishing boat, yacht, aluminum boats, jet skis or sail boat. First we remove the accumulated grit and grime from surfaces and carpets. Once the loose material has been removed, we detail the interior of the boat bringing back the color to leather and vinyl seats. The last step is to wax the entire vessel sealing in the cleaning.

If you yacht needs a deeper boat cleaning, our reconditioning services are designed to remove oxidation and lime. If you have problems with boat mold, mildew or moss, our reconditioning service will remove the odors and their cause from your boat.

Whether your boat is made from aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass, our professional boat detailers know how make make it shine. Your boat is a major investment. Protect it from the elements with a boat detailing before and after each season on the water.

From South Bend, Indiana, to Brighton, Michigan, and Metro Detroit, Auto One stores are ready to clean your boat. Let Auto One give your watercraft the attention it deserves with one of our professional boat cleaning packages.

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Marine Detailing

  • Leather and Vinyl
  • Cleaning Boat Carpets
  • Wash and Wax

Boat Reconditioning

  • Oxidation Removal and Wax
  • Lime Removal
  • Mold, Mildew and Moss Removal