Keyless Entry

In addition to remote starters, Auto One also installs keyless entry systems. Most keyless entry systems are designed to open car doors from a close range with a one to four button key fob. Our four button key fobs have dedicated lock and unlock buttons.

Some keyless entry systems also include parking light flash recognition so you know the doors are locked from a distance.

For an additional fee, your keyless entry can be enabled to truck release or "pop the truck" with the push of a button. Keyless entry is the ultimate in convenience. Once you've used keyless entry, you'll wonder how your car ever worked correctly without it.

Keyless entry prevents scratched doors and stops the lock cylinder from freezing in the Midwest cold.

More Keyless Entry Information

The Auto One blog has feature articles about keyless entry and remote starters.

Best Keyless Entry Systems

Not all keyless entry systems are available at all Auto One locations.

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