What Sunroof is Right for Your Vehicle?

With the wide variety of vehicles on the road today, there is no longer such a thing as a "one size fits all" sunroof. What is right for one person’s vehicle may or may not be right for you. Are you looking for the smallest most economical sunroof for your car? Or are you looking for something larger that looks like original equipment – or somewhere in between? Pop up or power? A serious sunroof company should have at least ten models on display to show you.

The best sunroof for your car is based on a number of factors. For example: What are your wants and needs? What does the manufacturer recommend? What options are important to you? What make, model and year is your vehicle? How large or small is your vehicle?

Four factors usually determine the price you will pay for a sunroof.

SIZE: The larger the sunroof, the more you’ll usually need to pay. Economical sizes usually start at 15"x30" and go all the way up to as large as 20"x38", with several sizes in the middle.

GLASS: Economical, less expensive sunroofs have a dot matrix "screened" glass. These are cheaper to manufacturer and will reflect about 50% of the suns heat off the glass. Higher end sunroofs use a solar cool reflective glass that looks like a one-way mirror. More expensive to manufacturer, but considered by most to be better looking and reflect a full 93% of the suns heat off the glass – this means you’ll stay cool, even on a very hot, sunny day! We have both at Auto One.

HANDLE AND HARDWARE: Some sunroof manufacturers will skimp here. They will use inexpensive flimsy plastic or aluminum, all easily broken. Good sunroof manufacturers use steel and/or carbon fiber – superior strength and long lasting reliability.

SEALS AND GASKET: Probably one of the most important parts of the entire sunroof. Some manufacturers still use neoprene as a gasket between the frame and glass. Neoprene was great 10 years ago, but has proven to break down rapidly when exposed to UV rays and weather in general – often in as little as a year or two here in Michigan.

Premium quality sunroofs have seals made primarily of silicone. Certainly more expensive but with proven weathering resistance of 20 years plus, and the best material to use for sunroof seals.

If your sunroof is in need of repair, contact your local Auto One.