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When gas prices are high, how much could you save with a fuel saving product from Auto One? We offer a wide range of fuel saving products that could save you money at the pump.

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Auto One recommends the following products

Fuel Saving Products

After testing these products in six vehicles over four months, the experts at Auto One have found the following products provide the best fuel economy increases.*


Engine Tuning Products

Products: Superchips Flashpaq and Cortex
Superchips engine tuners modify your engine's settings which maximizes your engine's power and increases fuel economy.

Mileage Increase up to 10%
air filters

Air Filters

Products: K&N Air Filters
A K&N air filter increases the amount of air to your engine which makes it more efficient saving fuel.

Mileage Increase up to 10%
tonneau cover

Tonneau Covers

Products: Extang, Downey, Rugged Liner, Access, Advantage and more. Realize increased fuel savings by reducing the air drag on your open truck bed with a new tonneau cover.

Mileage Increase up to 10%
cruise control

Cruise Control

Your vehicle uses less fuel when it stays at a constant speed. A cruise control will increase your fuel economy by preventing repetitive speeding up and slowing down.

Mileage Increase up to 7%
performance exhaust

Exhaust Systems

Products: Edlebrock, Borla, Aero-Turbine. These performance exhaust systems dramatically reduce the exhaust backpressure and increase your fuel economy.

Mileage Increase up to 15%
cool air intakes

Cool Air Intakes

Products: K&N, AEM, and Aero Exhaust

Engines need air to burn fuel. A cool air intake increases the amount of air to your engine making it more efficient which saves fuel.

window tinting

Window Tinting

Products: Solar Gard

With Window Tinting, you can deflect more solar energy/heat from your vehicle, reduce your need for air conditioning and save fuel as you drive without the air condition on.


Presidential Detailing

Save fuel by increasing your vehicle's aerodynamics with a presidential detail and enjoy the look of an expertly cleaned vehicle.


Windshield Glass Treatment

Products: Aquapel. A long-lasting glass treatment that makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt from your windshield, increasing aerodynamics which increases fuel economy.

gps navigation

GPS Navigation Units

GPS Navigation Units show you the shortest distance from "a to b" allowing you to avoid extra miles and saving you fuel. Some GPS units will also show you the location of the gas station with the lowest fuel prices which saves you money at the pump.


Fuel economy is not additive (i.e., if you add three items with 10% improvement each you will not see a 30% increase).

*Auto One does not guarantee fuel economy rates. Fuel economy varies by driver and by vehicle. The savings presented are approximate values.