Sunroofs for Your Car, Truck, or SUV

Our sunroofs feature a lifetime leak proof warranty!

Auto One’s sunroof experts, offers only the best pop-up sunroofs and power sunroofs that are made by manufacturers that have a long track record of quality and trouble-free performance. We provide a great selection of over twenty models. The quality and performance of sunroofs sold by Auto One exceeds any lower priced models that are available in the market today. The size, the type of glass, the handle, the hardware, the seals, and the gaskets usually determined the price and quality of a sunroof.

The quality and price of a sunroof is determined by the size.

The larger the sunroof, the more you'll pay!


The difference between a sunroof that is less expensive and a sunroof that is considered "high-end" is that the less expensive sunroofs use a dot matrix, screened glass that reflects back about 50% of the sun's heat off the glass; the high-end sunroofs use a solar cool reflective glass that looks like a one way mirror. These sunroofs reflect 93% of the sun's heat off the glass, so even on a very hot and sunny day, you will stay cool. It's more expensive for the manufacturer; however, they are considered to be the best kind. We supply both types of sunroofs at Auto One.

Handle and Hardware

When it comes to handle and hardware, a lot of sunroof manufacturers will use the inexpensive, flimsy plastic or aluminum that gets easily broken. Our sunroof manufacturers use steel and/or carbon fiber for superior strength and long lasting reliability.

Seals and Gasket

It is important to know what type of material was used for the seals and gasket because this is one of the most vital parts of the entire sunroof. Most sunroofs have a seal made of neoprene, and once it's exposed to weather, it rapidly deteriorates. Our premium sunroofs primarily use silicone that has a 20 year life expectancy.

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